First Blue of the Year

A few days of high summer weather is coming to an end and this coming week will see more normal spring temperatures.However for this morning the sun is in a blue sky and with it the first blue butterfly of the year fluttered into my garden.This Holly Blue found a warm sunny spot to pass a few minutes before it flew off.

holy blue first0001_edited-1

Hairy-foots in the Garden

At this time of the year the Barberry bush is a riot of colour and a firm favourite with bees.Today one of the many visitors to its abundant flowers was a female Hairy-footed Flower Bee Anthophora plumipes. This species is a common sight in the south of England and can readily be seen in our gardens. Hairy-footed flower bees often nest in the soft mortar of walls and sometimes in soil.

The females are black and resemble small bumblebees, with orange or yellow hairs on their hind legs.The males are rusty brown in colour and have long hairs on their legs and feet.These features can be seen below.

hf flowerBee female0002_edited-1Bee0005_edited-1Bee0003_edited-1hf flowerBee female0004_edited-2

Spring Gets Underway

Spring it seems has finally arrived and in the garden a first of the year Small White. A visit to my local copse was rewarded with another first of the season,a Speckled Wood. As the warm and sunny weather is promised for the rest of the week it looks as though more species will be out and about.